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West Vail Liquor Mart Commercials

HawkDigital created a series of commercials for West Vail Liquor Mart to air on Comcast's EffecTV. These commercials were published over multiple cable networks like Animal Planet and HGTV and streaming networks such as Hulu. Creating multiple commercials from one shoot and repurposing them is ideal to keep costs down!

We created two intros for West Vail Liquor Mart. Below is the intro focused on delivery. Claire and Nick (our models in this commercial) received multiple messages from friends that saw them in the WVLM commercial. This is such a simple and awesome way to stir up conversation around your business. We love to choose models that are fun, easy to work with, and recognizable in the community!

This more generic intro was used for multiple promotions, such as West Vail Liquor Mart's "Big Sale" and "Whiskey Week." One of the assumptions of WVLM is that its small, but the entrance is quite deceiving. Instead of scripting, "West Vail Liquor Mart is bigger than it looks," we like to tell that story in a less obvious and more attention grabbing way. Plus its a little comical.

HawkDigital loves telling these :30 stories for local businesses. Not only can it be used for your Comcast commercial plan, its a great marketing tool for your website and social networks.


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