Hello! I'm Katie Harmon (formally Hawkins...hence the company name, influenced by years of "Hawks" being my official nick name). A hawk is known for its impeccable vision and symbolic messenger role. HawkDigital takes your creative vision and carries it into a (digital) reality.


Creative services offered:

MEDIA & FILMMAKING: video production (weddings, engagements, real estate and promotional films/short stories)

PHOTOGRAPHY: really anything from headshots to newborn to wedding to architectural - checkout the galleries for the full view!

DESIGN: graphic design, branding development, website design, advertising​

​A little more about me, incase you're still reading:

Originally from Indiana, I graduated from Ball State University (chirp chirp) with a degree in video production. I've been making movies since my middle school days, but only a few privileged folks have been lucky enough to witness those early productions. The handsome man in this picture is my better half, Tommy. You might get lucky enough to see him out on a shoot as my assistant. 


I absolutely loved college and the mentors that I gained while I was at BSU. In 2015 I was presented with an opportunity to give back that mentorship - I now teach my two favorite subjects, photography and videography, at the local school, Colorado Mountain College. And to keep my sanity, I'm a Pure Barre instructor and addict. 

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